Your Perspective

There's one thing that's certain in life - change.

People change, fashion changes, technology changes, seasons change - that's why it's so important to stay flexible and willing to adapt in order to embrace new things. Some people struggle with change because they think it's difficult or because they feel comfortable where they are. If we aren't careful, we can easily become complacent and coast through life, never really growing or experiencing what we are fully capable of. When we refuse change, we limit our options, and ultimately, we limit what we can do in our lives.

So many people live narrow lives based on what they've experienced in their past. If no one else in their family went to college, they think they can't either. They let other people define their limits, or they allow their resources or circumstance to define their limits. If that's you, realize you are not limited by your past, the economy, or what you have been told you can or can't do. You are only limited by your thinking. No matter what options you may think you have right now, there is always an option you may not be able to see. There's always another way.

Think about the first television sets that came out many years ago. The picture was in black and white only, and people thought B&W television sets were amazing! When color television was first introduced, many people resisted. They had grown comfortable with their black and white TVs, and viewing life in gray was good enough for them. Color television was an option to which they just couldn't adapt. The same was true when single sideband was first introduced. Some AM operators had real trouble accepting it; they couldn't see the advantages of SSB.

You might be seeing things in black and white today, but life really is in full color. There is so much more if you will be open to new experiences and new ways of thinking.