Bogota has many cultural venues including 58 museums, 62 art galleries, 33 library networks, 45 stage theatres, 75 sports and related attraction parks, and over 150 national monuments. Many of these are renowned globally such as:

  • the Luis Angel Arango Library, the most important in the region which receives well over 6 million visitors a year;
  • the Colombian National Museum, one of the oldest in the Americas, dating back to 1823;
  • the Ibero-American Theater Festival, largest of its kind in the world, which receives 2 million attendees to more than 450 performances;
  • the Bogota Philharmonic is the most important symphony orchestra in Colombia, with over 100 musicians and 140 performances annually;
  • the Cristobal Colon Theater, the Country's oldest Opera House, opened in 1892, is home to the National Symphony Association's major act, the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia;
  • "Rock al Parque" or Rock at the Park, the biggest open air rock music festival in Latin America. Recurring annually, it attracts over 320,000 music fans who enjoy over 60 three day free band performances each year. The series has been so successful during its 15 year operation, the city has replicated the initiative for other music genres, resulting in other festivals like Salsa in the Park, Hip Hop in the Park, Ballet in the Park, Opera in the Park, and Jazz in the Park.

Bogotá has worked hard in recent years to position itself as leader in cultural offerings in South America, and is increasingly being recognized worldwide as the regional hub for the development of the arts. In 2007 Bogotá was awarded the title Cultural Capital of Ibero-America by the UCCI (Union of Capital Cities in Ibero-America) and is the only city to have received that award twice (first awarded in 1991).